Below is a collection of my Graphic Design work.  This work includes illustration, logo design, typography and personal projects. 

Created with: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. 




Product Design



Below are the series of artwork created for my Senior Capstone at GC&SU.

Artist Statement: 

As I reflect on the last year and how COVID-19 has impacted the world, I wonder how my interactions with others have altered because of lockdown.  Through a variety of media, photography, digital collage and typography, I investigate the thoughts and emotions experienced by myself and others throughout quarantine.  A total of four pieces, each serving to represent the four seasons, display the time we spent in separation and how our thoughts and emotions have evolved this year. 

Inspiration for this series came from my own feelings of isolation, and from the written testaments of others that I found on the website “”  I overlaid images of houses, landscapes, and text from peoples’ accounts of quarantine in square frames to symbolize the idea of being boxed inside while longing to be outside.  This research allowed the typography and self-portraiture in my work to honestly depict the heart wrenching moments of this past year. 

Within my work, I aim to create a relatable atmosphere on which the viewer can reflect. I combine techniques and research to denote a time unlike any other.  This work shows how challenging the last year has been and finding growth from it within myself and others.



Below is a collection of my Photography.  This work includes portraits, landscapes and nature scenes. Featured is digital images, 35mm B&W film and cyanotypes. 

Edited with: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop. 


Digital Portraits


Digital Landscape & Nature


Product Photography


Black & White 35mm Film